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Artisanat Stiel Enr.

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About Us
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Artisanat Stiel is a small family business (3 employees!). Pictured here are Paul Stielow and Sabrina Stielow, and Samantha Stielow hard at work in our shop.
We work out of our studio, and don't have a store, however we are in several craft shows,  the One Of A Kind Show(christmas & spring), and the Metier D'art (christmas & summer), they are in Toronto and Montreal. We do take orders by telephone as well.

Paul Stielow started off in scientific glassblowing and then branched off later on, starting his own company making beautifully hand blown peices of art. He has now been happily self employed for over 25 years. His works have changed many times over during his 30 years as a glassblower, yet they all share the same elegant lines that have long been his style.




Sabrina Stielow developed a passion for glassblowing at a very young age, handling red hot glass for the first time at 9 years of age. She then began doing odd jobs at 13 and was a very quick study. She worked part time for 4 years and then began working fulltime under her father's wing. She now is an accomplished glassblower and artist with 12 years of experience under her belt. Sabrina also contributes to the business in another very important area, she helps keep the business organized, she has a talent for gathering up all the loose ends, and makes sure things go smoothly.



Samantha Stielow too started glassblowing at a young age, but then strayed away from the torch for many years, she only started working part time with her family during college and then began full time after graduating. She has 5 years experience and also takes care of all the graphic design and promotional design.



To contact us call (450) 627-4355 or fax us at (450) 627-3725