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Artisanat Stiel Enr.


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Oil Lamps
Glass Pens
Pen Holders
Ceiling Hangings
Fused Projects

To order from us be sure to include the following information with your order:

-The Item name(s)
-The color
-The quantity of each item
-Your return address
-Any questions you might have
-Shipping Address

With this information you may place your order via phone, email, or fax:

Tel:(450) 627- 4355

Fax: (450) 627-3725

When you place an order with Artisanat Stiel Enr. we will then:

-Email you back with a confirmation of the order, the total cost(including shipping and handling), as well as when the order should arrive at your door.

-Once the order is confirmed by us, you can make your cheque payable to Artisanat Stiel Enr. Or you can pay using Visa or Mastercard.

To order by phone you can call us at (450) 627-4355
Or fax us at (450) 627-3725. We now accept visa & mastercard.