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Artisanat Stiel Enr.

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Welcome to our business site!


This is a message to all of those who plan to see us this Spring in Toronto at the one of a kind show:  We have had to pull out of the Spring show, for personal reasons, it pains us that we had to take such a measure and we will miss being there. We appreciate all who would have come to see us and continue to support us. The good news is that you can still email us with your orders if you simply MUST have something you saw last time you saw us at the show.
Our business produces and sells handblown glass creations. We specialize in liquid paraffin lamps, of many shapes and sizes,  pens(quills), ink wells, and candle holders, which come in various colours, and our most recent creations are wall hangings  with varying colours and designs. Our products can be paid for using Mastercard, & Visa. Interac is also available if you come in person to pay for an order. We are located in Quebec, Canada and therefore the closer you are the smaller the shipping and handling charge. We sell both retail and wholesale. We now use Canada Post to do shipping.

Order as a Gift

Our glass creations are ideal gifts for close friends and family, and sometimes for co-workers. We now sell liquid paraffin to go with the paraffin lamps. It is smokeless and odourless. And we have an essential oil diffuser product that fits in our lamps,  for those who desire a fresh smell in their homes.


Our Canadian Flag entry at the Christmas 2005 One of a Kind Show WON People's Choice!! Thank you to all who voted for our Flag!!! It is now for sale.



To bring in the new year we have updated the site! Finally!  Date updated 01/13/05.

Our website will be repeatedly updated, so please visit again soon. We are creating different products at this very moment and we are excited about unveiling them. We accept checks and C.O.D, and now we accept Mastercard & Visa.